Janet Scudder

Janet Scudder

CPA ®, CFP ®, MBA Investment Advisor Representative*

Phone: 713-922-2994

Janet S. Scudder, CPA®, CFP®, MBA is a financial professional committed to providing individuals, families and businesses with financial services, education and advice from a trained professional perspective that will help them meet their financial goals. Janet is currently a Dave Ramsey SmartVestor™ Pro for investments and she is a financial planner with Kingdom Advisors.


Janet, in addition to continuing her Christian growth thru participating in her local church and Bible study, keeps up with current tax information, financial products , trends and other data and material by taking continuing education classes, which is used in turn to inform and educate those making financial decisions.  Janet is concerned about each client and works to earn client's trust as they move towards accomplishing their financial goals.




Working with an investment professional who is part of the Dave Ramsey’ SmartVestor™ Pro advertising service cannot guarantee investment success or that you will achieve your financial goals.  There can be no assurance that working with a SmartVestor™ Pro will produce better outcomes than working with an advisor not participating in the SmartVestor™ Pro program.  Investment professionals participating in the SmartVestor™ Pro program pay advertising fees to have their name and information disseminated to the investing public via the SmartVestor™ program.  Dave Ramsey Solutions, the SmartVestor™ Pro program and Market Genius are not affiliated with NEXT Financial Group, Inc. and are not sponsored or endorsed by NEXT Financial Group, Inc.

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